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Live Gold rate in Pondicherry, India

Live Gold rate Pondicherry, India Today 23 October 2014

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Live Gold Rate in Pondicherry Today 23 October 2014

Grams 24 Carat (INR) 24 Carat (USD) 22 Carat (INR) 22 Carat (USD)
1 gram Rs.2766.84 $45.21 Rs.2587 $42.27
4 grams Rs.11067.38 $180.85 Rs.10348 $169.1
8 grams Rs.22134.76 $361.71 Rs.20696 $338.2

Live Gold Rate in Pondicherry Yesterday 22 October 2014

1 gram Rs.2773.26 $45.33 Rs.2593 $42.38
4 grams Rs.11093.05 $181.32 Rs.10372 $169.53
8 grams Rs.22186.1 $362.64 Rs.20744 $339.07

Gold Rate in Pondicherry last one week

Date 24K or 24 Carat 22K or 22 Carat
21 October 2014 Rs.2777.54 Rs.2597
20 October 2014 Rs.2762.57 Rs.2583
19 October 2014 Rs.2757.22 Rs.2578
18 October 2014 Rs.2757.22 Rs.2578
17 October 2014 Rs.2768.98 Rs.2589

Pondicherry, Union territory located 160 kms from chennai (Capital of Tamilnadu) one of the most favourite destinations during week ends.
Pondicherry has very good collection in gold jewels and silver.Gold jewellery shops are mainly available on the M.G road and Kosakadai street.
Gold jewel is the most preferred metal in the pondicherry and the gold rate will differ from shop to shop when you buy it is as ornaments
People from Chennai, cuddalore, Villupuram are doing great gold purchases.
1 sovereign = 8 grams
Most of the people buy gold metal in either 4 grams (1/2 sovereign) or 8 grams (1 sovereign).
Gold seen as investment and savings in the last few years because of the steep in the price rise.
Check this page for the gold rate by today, yesterday and last one week
gold rate per gram are listed in for both 22K and 24K